MegaCellX 2.6
Powerful tool to manage Calls, PhoneBook and SMS

MegaCellX is a powerful tool to manage calls, contacts and SMS messages of your mobile phone. It's easy-to-use as an e-mail client, it integrate the Apple iApps like AddresBook, iTunes, DVDPlayer, QuickTime Player and iChat. You can use AppleScript events to extend the integration with other applications.

The user-friendly interface makes backup and store tasking easy for mobile's contacts and SMS messages as well. Every Bluetooth or IrDA compatible GSM mobile phone and even more phones should work. The phone must have an AT command interface (compliant ETSI GSM 07.05,07.07), usually supported by all mobiles with built-in modem. You can connect your phone via USB cable, infrared (IrDA) or Bluetooth.

MegaCellX 2.6 has many different features, including:


MegaCellX v.2.6.3
- December 12, 2006

MegaCellX v.2.6.2
- November 30, 2006

piAccessLink 1.1
- May 24, 2006

MegaCellX v.2.6.1
- January 16, 2006

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Download (9,9 Mb)
Universal Binary version, works on Mac OS X v10.3.x or later
Version: 2.6.3

Megacell is a $19.90 shareware.


Online documentation

Mobile phone supported.

AppleScript for MegaCellX.

Technical support for registered users.

The most frequently asked questions.

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